How to Recycle Waste in a Plastic Bag Factory?

Thứ ba - 07/06/2016 11:34
People all know the advantage of using plastic bags from recycled material: save our limited natural energy resource oil, coat, save our environment & protect the wildlife. However, not much people know how to recycle used bags. In this article, I will explain the basic waste recycle processing in a plastic bag factory.

Firstly, what kind of waste that can be recycled to become plastic bag in a factory? In extruding workshop, waste often comes out at the start process of machine. It takes a time for worker to make the bubble stable & at the correct size & thickness. With color film, they also have to try & adjust to find out the correct pantone color. All the rolls with wrong size, thickness & color will become waste for recycling. In the printing workshop, workers also try & adjust to have the correct ink printing color. All the plates have to go well together to create a nice printing on bas as designed. All defected rolls in this process also will come to recycling house. In cutting & handling workshop, there is less waste. The errors often come out that the cutting is not nice or not sealed; the handle is not attached on bag. Besides, after all production steps are finished, quality control workers will check again randomly. If any defected products, they will remove to waste area. All the waste is accounting for 3-5% of total material volume.

Secondly, how to recycle? In the recycle house, there is a big & simple machine to change from waste to recycled resin. All the waste of production process will be located in a big storage. Worker will gradually put all plastic scraps in one side of the machine. They will be cut into small pieces like rice & then heated at high temperature to be melted. The melted temperature is from 170 to 190 degree Celsius. After melted, all scraps will become a glossy black liquid. Then it starts the cooling process by water. The liquid will be divided into small long wires running through cold water in a trough. This trough is about 3 meter length. After coming back in solid state, these plastic wires will be cut into small granulated shape. Then these plastic beads can be used in plastic bag production. Depending on strength & quality requirement, producers can make 100% recycled bag or somehow recycled bag.

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Author: Jenny Thao - Vietnam Poly Bag Import Export JSC


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