Save Our Earth With Reusable Plastic Bag

Thứ ba - 07/06/2016 11:17
We all know that plastic bag causes harmful effects to our environment: pollution, global warming, death of animals, landfills... However, we still have to use it in everyday activities because of its convenience. It is the fact that hundreds billions of plastic bags are discarded every year & take hundreds years to decompose. So, the question comes up is that "How to use less plastic bag to save our environment?" One of the very easy ways is to use reusable plastic bags.

The first kind I want to refer is reusable PP bag. PP (Polypropylene ) is tough, durable and flexible. Especially when it is processed in 2 methods: woven & nonwoven, it is much stronger. PP woven bag & PP non-woven bag are applied in many activities to carry heavy thing. People also use this material for carrying tons of grain, dry food... These bags can be strengthened with a BOPP lamination layer outside. They can be used thousands of times for many purposes: shopping, picnic, sport equipments carrying... Their PP webbing handles also create comfortable feeling to users. PP bags are cheaper to produce, compared to other reusable ones like jute bags, paper bags. They also are applied as big supermarket bags. Nowadays, many supermarkets give shoppers big discount to encourage using reusable bag. This item is also an effective way to promote their brands to more consumers.

The second cheap reusable bag is PE bag.

PE( Polyethylene) is not strong and durable as PP but with high thickness, it becomes durable and strong. It has many handle styles like die cut, soft loop, rope handle that causes the comfortable feeling to customers' hands. It is washable and will last for many years before going to a landfill. If it becomes dirty, you can clean it with soap, hang it out for drying. Producers still can make reusable bag more environmental friendly by adding 1 or 2% of biodegradable additive like EPI or D2W. Consumers still can use this kind of bag for a long time & it is still decomposed under the ground. There are many benefits to buy reusable shopping item. Further, it is very easy to customize a PE shopping bag with nice printing design. The longer the shopping bag lasts, the higher number of people know about your brand and your business.


By a small action of using reusable bag in your every activity, you are saving our land, our environment & protecting our earth's future.

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Author: Jenny Thao - Vietnam Poly Bag Import Export JSC


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