Should We Use Diposable or Reusable Plastic Bag?

Thứ ba - 07/06/2016 11:45
Nowadays, more & more people who want to live a greener lifestyle. But when it comes to this question with which option is more environmental friendly - disposable or reusable plastic bag- it still has a lot of different opinions. In 2014, a study was made in Vietnam & it was found that there is no significant difference between the environmental impacts of disposable plastic bag compared with reusable plastic bag. And other studies have had conflicting outcomes on which option is really greener.


Each choice has its pros and cons: Disposable plastic bags are more convenient. People use this kind of plastic bag for food packaging like: meat, fish, and vesgestable. After used, the bags are dirty, smellful so they will not want wash & reuse them. In the landfill, these bags account for almost 10% of household waste. However, this kind of bags is often with biodegradable additives like EPI, D2W. So they will be disposed after some years in the ground.

In the other way, reusable plastic bag cost a lot less. One reusable bag can be reused about 20 times. In some cases, after used, the bags are too dirty so consumers do not want to reuse & throw it into the waste bin. The bags will be in the landfill for hundred years because they will not be degredable. And during cleaning, lots of water and energy are consumed. However, it can not be denied that using this kind of bags will create much less waste than the disposable bags.

According to professionals opinions, people should use both disposable bags & reusable bags but in difference applications. They can use disposable bags in the kitchen for food packaging, waste storing & use reusable bag for shopping, shoes keeping, clothes & others.

So, while there's no clear answer as to which option is more environmentally friendly, people have to make their personal choice based on factors like cost, convenience, product performance and your overall green philosophy. Using plastic bag is harm to environment but it is a part of your living that you have to use. All in all, there's no one-size-fits-all answer. Only you can decide what's best to your environment, suitable with your lifestyle & use plastic bag in the most saving ways.

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Author: Jenny Thao - Vietnam Poly Bag Import Export JSC


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