Patch handle bags

Description: patch handle bag is a polyethylene bag features a clear patch of plastic heat sealed behind the die cut handles to provide additional strength and longevity to carrier bag.

Other names: welded patch handle bag, reinforced punch out handle, die cut handle with patch,

Material: made of HDPE or LDPE or MDPE with thickness from 20 microns and printing up to 12 colors by Gravure or Flexo

Advantage: patch handle bags have a high quality look with a reinforced die cut patch handle that is an affordable packaging solution. With an extra reinforced patch around the die cut handle, these bags will be stronger and more durable to carry heavier merchandise.  This type of bag is economic, ergonomic (easy to handle) and ideal for reuse.

Usage: patch handle bags are very popular for trade shows, retail stores, brochures, clothes, jewelry, small gifts in promotional events, and much more. They are also used in food packing as pizza, take away…

Weld patch handle bags

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