Wave top bags

Description: Wave top handle bag is essentially a polyethylene bag with a handle punched out near the top with wavy shape. In some cases, the handles can be made thicker to reinforce the strength of bag.

Other names: curve top carrier plastic bag, varigauge bag, thick/thin bag, wave top die cut handle bag

Material: made of HDPE or LDPE or MDPE with thickness from 20 microns and printing up to 12 colors by Gravure or Flexo

Advantage: can be produced easily so wave top handle bags are offered at cheap price. Wave top handle bags are more luxurious, stronger and more suited to carrying heavy merchandise. They also have bottom gusset to help them get extra storage space.

Usage: suitable for retail (in brand shops to carry clothes, shoes, apparel), trade fairs and events (to carry promotion gifts)