Bags on roll


Description: Bags on rollĀ is a bag produced on a roll with/without paper or plastic core perforated for easy pulling every time using it. This bag can be flat lay with or without T-shirt handle depends on usage and folding

Other names: poly tubing bag, perforated bag, household bag, star seal /C fold bag

Material: made of HDPE from 7 micron or LDPE/MDPE from 20 microns and printing up to 6 colors by Gravure.

Advantage: bags on roll are easy to use because they are perforated below the heat seal so they tear off easily and accurately to keep production rolling. Besides, these bags are designed to able to fold in star seal, C-fold help to keep them easily. These bags also have T-shirt handle that make them strong, durable and easy to carry merchandise.

Usage: Ideal for fruit, vegetable, grocery, meat, or freezer in supermarkets, fruit and vegetable shops, household. Suitable for garbage bag and disposable bags in household, hospital, retail trade