T-shirt bags


Description: T-shirt bag is essentially a polyethylene bag with a handle punched at the top to carry merchandise. These handles can be punched from 11-13% of bag weight depending on the moulds. Each bag has gussets along the sides to allow extra storage space.

Other names: vest carrier bag, singlet bag

Material: made of HDPE or LDPE or MDPE with thickness from 12 microns and printing up to 12 colors by Gravure or Flexo

Advantage: T-shirt bags are easy and fast to produce so the price can be offered very cheap. T-shirt bags are strong, durable and easy to carry merchandise. They are also resistant against tear and punctures are due to the strong density material. T-shirt bags allow extra storage space for bulky items because they have side gusset.

Usage: carry grocery, food (in supermarkets), and household