Other Bags


Description: Blockhead bags are a polyethylene bag included a block at the top to seal many bags together and you can easily take each bag out of pack for using

Drawstring bags is a polyethylene bag using a cotton string to pull the bag closed and serve as a handle

Ziplock bags is an inexpensive flexible rectangular storage bag, usually mainly transparent, made of polyethylene, which can be sealed and opened many times by a slider which works in a similar way to a zip fastener.

Material: made of HDPE from 15microns or LDPE/MDPE from 20 microns and printing up to 6 colors by Gravure/Flexo..

Usage: Blockhead bags: Shopping, promotion, special events, supermarkets, retail stores…

Drawstring bags are the perfect giveaway at tradeshows, conventions, conferences and an alternative for keeping personal belongings in hospital…

Ziplock bags: Ideal for storing and keeping safe various products like jeweler, beauty products, buttons, pins, coins, stamps, spices, electronic packing, pharmacy…This is also a perfect way for food packing to keep food fresh and tasting great….