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Plastic Bags And Wise Uses

Nowadays, polyethylene bags or plastic bags become popular in our everyday life. With the advantages of durability, strength, handiness and affordability, they are present almost everywhere from grocery stores, coffee shops to super markets or large commercial centers. They, as we know, beyond the advantages and benefits that they brings to life, the environmental impacts are undeniable. So how to lessen those impacts? The answer lies in using plastic bags wisely from the consumer.

There is one thing that I believe we can do is to reuse them. Why plastic bags are used only once after shopping at stores right before being thrown in the trash, while they can be used for many other purposes? Reusing plastic ones are one of the best solution that reduce waste and save cost. If you do not have any idea, here are a few suggestions:

1. Pack leftover foods: when you have a large amount of leftover foods, they are a good solution for you to preserve these foods, avoid waste and can be used for the next meal. Using them for foods also will occupy less space than refrigerator boxes.
2. Garbage bags: we are always looking for ways to save money, while most of us easily spend it on buying garbage bags. Why not keep that money and reuse these plastic ones after shopping? We can reuse them as garbage bags at home, your company or your own car.
3. Archive documents: plastic bags may be insulated from the external environment, moisture proof, dirt and insects. You can completely reuse them for archiving documents purposes instead of procurement boxes. That is the way for you to save some money.
4. Pack belongings, keep them dry during the rainy season: in every family, there are things only used seasonally, and you might worry how to keep them safe in the remaining seasons. Now, plastic bags will promote their advantages. By packing these things in plastic ones, we can keep them from moisture, dirt or oxidation…
5. As working gloves: you can take their advantage as protective gloves to clean your house or do gardening… and they will help you avoid direct contact with dirt, soil, or poisonous chemicals like herbicides…
There are still a lot of ways you can take advantage of plastic bags after shopping. It is not only a solution saves your money, but also contribute to reduce the amount of plastic waste in the environment. Therefore, reusing plastic ones for various purposes is a wise use.